Make Music Matter thanks these amazing artists for their past and continued support!

Sam Roberts

Lo-Fantasy, the fifth studio album from Sam Roberts Band, takes its name from the literary genre in which elements of magic are seen to exist in the real world. In a way, this could have been a fitting title for any one of the band’s albums, but it fits this one the best. Even in its embryonic state, Lo-Fantasy had big ambitions. This is the album the band has been leading up to since their formation just over a decade ago. Each previous album has been an important musical step along the path that leads to Lo-Fantasy.

Jean Paul Samputu and Iain Stewart

Jean Paul Samputu and Iain Stewart are international musicians who share a belief that music has the tremendous power to to promote peace, love, compassion and forgiveness and to bring about peaceful change.

Their album of songs to commemorate the 20 year anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide has a vision of hope for the future of Rwanda and for the world.  Songs from the album including Window of Peace and Rwandan Dream have quickly become universal anthems of peace.

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Cone McCaslin

Cone McCaslin of Sum 41 has been working with Make Music Matter since 2009. Along with Todd Morse, Cone contributed the amazing “We Stand” from his side band the Operation MD to the Rwanda: Rises Up! album. Under the Sum 41 moniker he has helped promote the Music Enrichment Program and along with Ian D’Sa of Billy Talent, is one of the participating celebrity artists for the My Song for Change Campaign.

Ian D’Sa

Ian D’Sa of Billy Talent has been a strong supporter and advocate of Make Music Matter since day one. He has lent his guitar playing skills to the original Song for Africa CD single, traveled to Kenya for the first Make Music Matter documentary, contributed the fiery “Land of a Thousand Hills” to the Rwanda: Rises Up! album and is the inaugural celebrity artist for the My Song for Change campaign.

Tyler Stewart

Seen here signing completed art pieces of their own likeness, one of the world’s most popular bands, Barenaked Ladies, participated in an art auction for Make Music Matter to raise funds for our on the ground efforts.