Make Music Matter thanks these amazing artists for their past and continued support!

Gordie Johnson

Gordie Johnson is a musical iconoclast whose fronted seminal rock bands such as Big Sugar and Grady while simultaneously producing such well known acts as Gov’t Mule. In 2006 Gordie contributed his vocals and to the original Song for Africa CD single and has since given his talents in numerous Make Music Matter advocacy campaigns.

Ken Tizzard

Ken Tizzard has been a friend of Make Music Matter since Day One. As the bass player for the Watchmen and Big Wreck, he not only contributed to the original Song for Africa CD single, but was also instrumental in gathering many of the participating musicians.

Damhnait Doyle and Cone McCaslin

Damhnait Doyle of the Heartbroken and Cone McCaslin of Sum 41 at Rwanda: Rises

John-Angus MacDonald

John-Angus MacDonald of the Trews is not only a founding member of Canada’s favorite east coast rock band, the Trews, but is a former board member for Make Music Matter. In 2009 he contributed the beautiful “Yearning” to the Rwanda: Rises Up! album and continues to play a behind the scenes advisory role.

Steve Bays

Steve Bays is the frontman and chief inspirational force behind the eclectic Hot Hot Heat. In 2009, Steve traveled to Rwanda to participate in both the filming of the Rwanda: Rises Up! documentary and its accompanying album.