Host a Fundraiser

Who is SFABattle of the Bands/‘Benefit Show’: Are you or your friends in a band? Why not hold a battle of the bands with some of the local talent? The twist for this battle would be that the number of ‘votes’ would determine the winner that they receive. The ‘votes’ can be something like poker chips, and sold to your fans. The fans can then put the chip into the voting box…and at the end of the night the band with the most chips wins! A great idea would be that the band that wins gets 50% of the door!

Art/ Talent auction: Gather some awesome art from local artists or have local artists donate their time. Tattoo artists can donate an hour of their time, photographers can donate a portrait session, bands could auction off a free event, and even professionals like lawyers or accountants can donate a free consultation! Run this as a silent auction at the same time as a benefit show for an awesome evening! 

Karaoke/Dance Benefit Evening: Rent a karaoke machine or hire a DJ and get your school/club moving! Charge a fee at the door and dance or sing for a great cause!

Do you have an idea that you would like to share? Let us know!!