Song for Africa Music Video

Check out the video for the song that started it all! Song for Africa. Creating Music. Changing Lives.

Make Music Matter Interview with Dr. Christine Amici

Dr. Christine Amici from the Panzi Hospital speaks about the effectiveness of Make Music Matter’s Music Enrichment Program.

Make Music Matter Documentary

The documentary that started it all! Watch as Luke McMaster, Ian D’Sa, Damhnait Doyle, and Simon Wilcox travel to Kenya and see first hand what living in poverty really means. Meet a few of our first scholarship recipients and see Kibera, the world’s largest informal settlement.

Not for Sale

Sarah Slean takes what she learned about ‘Sugar Daddies’ and ‘Sugar Mommies’ and turns the ‘Not for Sale’ bracelet campaign into a beautiful song.

Canada to Kigali

Rafiki, Miss JoJo and K8 join with the Canadian artists to bring you this awesome track.